Private League Dashboard

What is a Private League?

A Private League is a subrange of the prediction game running on this website.

The administrator of the Private League decides which players participate. He can add players to the Private League himself on his administration page, or he can let the players register themselves for the Private League. To do this, all that is needed is the registration key, which was previously distributed by the administrator.

Running a Private League is free.

The Private League is only visible to the participants.
The Private League feature has some restrictions:
  • A player can run only one Private League for each prediction game.
  • Each player can be part of only one Private League for each prediction game.
  • All members of Private Leagues are also participating in the public Classic contest.
  • Each Private League has only one administrator.
  • The scoring system of the Private League is identical to the scoring system of the public prediction game.


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